Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blessing #111 - Meeting a Goal

Remember in January when I set some goals? Well, I didn't reach all those goals, but I did try. 

One goal I did accomplish was to organize my fridge.  After drooling over all the refrigerator pins I could find, I set out to get my own fridge in order. 

The before shot is pretty sad.  It was the end of the week and the food supply was running low.  I think I see a tumbleweed rolling in the back there. 

 Of course, I had to make labels for the fridge.  I can organize all day long, but if Shad doesn't know where stuff goes it won't last. 

 Here is the door now...

The "fixin's" label may sound strange, so let me explain.   I started to make a label that said "condiments," but then I remembered that Shad giggles like a junior high boy every time he says that word. 

In order to save myself from all the jokes, I just made a fixin's label. 

Inside the fridge, I used some bins from the Dollar Tree to separate some items. 

The labels are 39 cent wooden plaques from Michaels.  I painted them, put a label on, drilled a hole, and attached them with brads.

Here's the finished product! 

I'm loving how nice my fridge is looking now!

Maybe I didn't meet all the goals I set for myself in January, but my fridge looks great!

If you like the vinyl labels that I used in this project, I am selling them in my etsy shop!

I'm sharing this at Works for me Wednesday at We are that Family and Young House Love's Pinterest Challenge.


  1. Very nice  #3s#1

  2. I like those  vinyl labels. I could use twenty two of them. (Enough said) #3