Friday, October 8, 2010

Calculating Blessings

It all started a year ago. I took a challenge to find one gratitude item or blessing every day in the month of November. At first, I thought this would be a small, easy task. “I am grateful for my husband, son, parents, etc.” I did not expect this task to change my entire outlook on life. Just like anyone else, there are many things in my life that I would like to change. In the past, I found myself focusing on those items (I have a mental list you know). Prayer requests that God, for some reason had not answered. Consumed by my impatience in God, I looked for relief. Unknowingly, I would find it in this simple blessings challenge. Something happened to me when I started to SEEK out my blessings. I started seeing God’s hand in my life, daily handfuls that He would give to me. I just had to stop and see them. My focus changed from what I did not have to what He has given me. This simple task revolutionized my view of God and my walk with Him.
Since last November, I have been seeking out blessings in an unorganized way. Just noticing them as I went along and mentioning them on Facebook. My new challenge to myself is to try to find blessings, and put them in this blog. Since you can now print out your blog, this blog will also serve as a journal for my boys. I would like them to someday know me as I am now, a young mom. The journal is for myself as well. Time is going by so fast. One day, having the funny things my little guys say and do written down will be a treasure. So here I go, calculating blessings!

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