Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Curse #1 - Stinkbugs

I am not writing about a blessing today, but rather a curse. Recently, Delaware and Maryland have been infested by stinkbugs. This infestation is of Biblical proportions. Please don't think I hate all bugs. I've heard that bees are vital to the world. The Bible says, "Look to the ant." As far as spiders are concerned, have you seen Charlotte's Web? I appreciate bugs, just not stink bugs.

About twice a week, I clean a guest house on a horse farm. I have to work about 30 minutes extra each time because of these stinkbugs.

These were just the stinkbugs from the weekend! They congregate at the door and have a stinkbug party. Then on Monday, I have to come in and clean up after them. I become a crazed woman cleaning up these bugs, and I can't help but laugh as I recall my childhood. Just mention the word "Japanese beetle" and my dad will probably spit in disgust. My dad has fought a war with those beetles every year for over fifteen years for his crepe myrtles. I believe you can hear him quietly laughing each year as he sprays the crepe myrtles with insecticide. However, there is one major difference between my dad and I. In the war of my dad versus the Japanese beetles, he wins every year. He's got the crepe myrtles to prove it. In the war of Steph versus the stinkbugs, I lose miserably. Because of the stinkbugs natural stinky defense, I cannot smush them. Monday, I cleaned up all the stinkbugs only to find this guy on my way out.

The light brown piece after him is a part of granola bar. Brandon wanted to feed him. B said, "Hey little stinkbug. You're looking for your mommy." "No Brandon, stinkbugs don't have mommies," I said. "They are spawned from pure evil." Okay...Okay...I didn't say that, but I wanted to.

Monday, after slaving and cleaning up all their messes, this is what I found as I got in my car. Arrogant little stinkbugs, they just had to rub it in.

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