Monday, October 11, 2010

Essential Brandon

If you do not know my son, this picture explains exactly who he is. Let me explain.

1. Dirt! Dirt is on B's top five list of favorite things. When he outside he says that he is "working on his fields." His name means "brown covered hill." I guess that's was prophetic for his love of dirt.

2. Blue teeth! These blue teeth came from his latest piece of candy. He's a candy nut like me.

3. Tractors and dozers! He's obsessed. He loves them so much.

4. Danger, Danger! He is always into something dangerous. This specific case is a broken shovel.(Don't worry I took it away after the picture)

5. Boots! He loves work boots. These were comouflage. We got them two days ago at Goodwill and he hasn't worn any other shoe since.

That's your essential guide to Brandon. I'll mention him a bunch. Sorry, I'm a mom in love.

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