Friday, October 15, 2010

Blessing #3 - Secondhand Finds

Do you see that green piece of furniture? It's a $20 Goodwill find from this past weekend. There's something about finding items at yard sales or Goodwill that makes them feel like treasures. Why you ask? Here are some reasons.

1. They are often one of a kind items.
Can I go and find this green beat up desk thing at Walmart? I think not.

2. Every secondhand piece comes with a story.
For example:
"They were asking $30 for this, but I offered them $15, and they took it!"
"A woman had this in her hand, and we followed her around the store until she set it down!"

3. Sometimes you buy something just because you like it or it's cheap, only to find out later you really needed it.
This particular green desk thing was bought just because it looked cool, but once I got it home I put all of my small kitchen appliances in it. It freed up so much storage space!

4. There is nothing more thrilling than beating someone else to a "find."
As soon as I saw this green desk thing, I stood guard over it as Shad took the tag up front. Three seemingly well to do people walked up and say, "Oh, it's already sold." It took everything I had not to start doing my happy dance and saying, "That's right, it's sold! In your face! Boo-ya!" However, I decided to act more lady like and just smile.

5. Every time someone compliments you on your find, you get to say, "I got it at Goodwill!" (I usually also quote the price, but that does seem a little like gloating.)

Although I love secondhand shopping I must warn you. If you ever start, you cannot go back. You will complain every time you walk into a normal store. "$20!!! $20 for this!!! Do you know what I've gotten at Goodwill for $20!"

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