Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blessing #1 - Google

I have debated on what should be my first blessing. Should it be meaningful and deep. "I am thankful for salvation, air, my family, my third grade teacher Mrs. Bacel." However, I just decided to jump in where I am today.

I have a motto, "I don't know everything, but what I don't know I can google!" I say it all the time to my kids at Sylvan when we are working on homework. I know what you are thinking, "Way to inspire students. Don't learn it, just google it when you are older!" I do love google though.

Here are some things I have had to google recently.

1. The meaning of Brandon

2. diagram of the muscles of the human body (that was for helping a student at Sylvan)

3. I like statuses (glad I googled that first)

4. signs of labor(I've got to be prepared)

5. squirrel recipes (that was a joke for a friend on facebook, but they were interesting recipes)

6. project life" (phenomenal idea that I am going to try

7. egotistical(I had to know how to spell it for a status)

8. how to make a blogger header

Thanks google for making me look smart!

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