Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project Life: October 18 - 24

It's week two in my Project Life! Again, if you want to see how I found out about Project Life click on this. Hope you enjoy this week!

October 18 - I put some jumper cables on the front step. I didn't feel like walking all the way out to the car. When B went out to play he hooked them up to this poor rhododendron.

October 19 - There is no purpose for Brandon to have a book bag for his pre-school. It's just two hours! However, he is the only kid there without a book bag. Shad found this cool monster bag for $5 at Staples. This was B's first day wearing it. He was so excited to have something to put in his cubby.

October 20- Isn't this so sweet? The big boy wanted to help mommy with cleaning the guest house! He asked if he could vacuum. I thought, "Wow, Stephanie, a hard working boy. You are doing something right." He then asked if I would turn on the sucker hose. I left the room and heard him giggling. I walked in to see this.

This is what I found him doing. I think this was his goal all along. He was just buttering me up.

October 21- I went on a walk to try to help the new baby out. This is one of the sites I got to see. I love living in the country.

October 21 (again) - I didn't have a Sunday picture, but I had an extra picture for Thursday. I love this picture. Are you having trouble, just ask daddy to help!

October 22- We went out to eat, and in order to occupy Brandon I handed him the camera. He discovered the wonder and self-absorption of self portraits. I just love that face!

October 23- Oh, there are so many things I could say about this picture. I'll just say this. Yes, we were at a friend's house. Yes, that's a doggy door. Yes, that's my son going through it.

October 24- No picture

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  1. Hey Steph,

    Your son is PRECIOUS. Wow...I'd love to live where you do! Beautiful...

    So nice to meet you♥