Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blessing #200 - Spring Mantle

Last week was crazy! I decided to paint my kitchen in one week.  It took me six weeks to paint the dining room so painting a paneled room in one week was quite a feat for me.

Sometime this week, I'll show part of the kitchen redo, and I can't wait. I loOoOoOove it! The hard work is not so bad when you get such a good result.

For today though, I thought I would share my quick spring mantle.

I raided my stash and just combined different elements that I already had to come up with this spring mantle.

 I got the fake plant things at a yard sale for $2 last year.

Since we've moved into the house, this little corner beside the fireplace has stayed the same, but this week I added a little element that I love.

A few weeks ago, a friend was throwing out one of those wooden calendars, and she asked me if I wanted it.  I knew I would do something with it, and immediately said yes.

I planned on remaking the calendar, but I ended up white washing some of the numbers and putting them in my little shadow box.  Each row is one of our birthdays.

I love having our special days on displays, but I really love having numbers incorporated into our living room.

If you know me, you know how much I love numbers and math.  It means a lot to me to have something I thin is beautiful on display at my house....Wait. I realize you are probably saying one of two words right now, "Nerd" or "Crazy," but that's okay, I would have to agree.


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