Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blessing #97 - Christmas Spirit

Every family has that family member that loves Christmas a little too much, the Christmas Nut.

In my family, my dad has always been our Christmas nut. Every year at some point he finds his Christmas spirit. You never know when he will find his Christmas spirit, but you know when it has happened. Shortly after he find his Christmas spirit, he will come home from Quality Foods (the local grocery store) with Brazil nuts, coconut bon bons, and peppermint sticks.

One year, we were all watching tv quietly in the living room. My dad suddenly broke out singing the Chipmunks Christmas song. Only, he didn't start at the beginning. He must have been singing the song in his head, and he broke out into it at the words, "A hUlA HoOp!!!"

Another year, I knew he had caught the Christmas spirit when I woke up to find a line of two foot tall stuffed reindeer holding empty baskets waiting to be filled with Christmas goodies for all of our extended family (and we have a big family).
They looked like his own personal army of Christmas cheer.

Now that I'm an adult, my dad and I have started a tradition of calling each other when we each find our Christmas spirit. Shad and I will be in Walmart or some other place, and I will suddenly stop and say, "I have to call my dad." By this point in our marriage, Shad knows what I am doing.

This year, Shad started his own tradition. Two months ago, Shad marked in his phone the day that I would find my Christmas spirit. That's right! He bet on Christmas spirit. He didn't tell me the day, but I knew he had guessed one.

Recently though, with moving and sickness, I haven't been feeling so Christmasey. I have been going through the motions, waiting for my Christmas spirit to come.

Yesterday, I put on some Christmas music, and suddenly I knew. I had found my Christmas spirit. I called my dad to inform him of the good news (he hasn't found his yet). I then called Shad and asked what day had he picked. Shad answered, "December 12! And I would have been right if you hadn't gotten sick!"
Only two days off is pretty good though.

As crazy as we can get, I think every family needs a Christmas nut. Who else is going to make sure all the songs are sung, movies are watched, treats are baked, and traditions are kept?

Christmas Nuts make Christmas more Christmasey for everyone, and Christmas Nuts need their Christmas spirit. I'm so glad I've found mine (even if it was 2 days late).

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  1. I think I'm our Christmas nut. :) glad you found your Spirit!