Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blessing #169 - Bathroom far

After buying a new shower and my ADDD kicking in, I started working on the look of our bathroom.

Here is the before....

The room is not done.  I still have a few things to do.  My ADDD kicked in and now I'm working on the kitchen, but here is the after so far...

I found one of my old frames that fit the medicine cabinet perfectly.  I spray it white and attached it to the cabinet with command picture hanging strips.  Sometime the steam in the room makes the strips unattach.  I'm looking for a more permanent solution if you can think of one, but for now this is working.

I sprayed the light fixture with some spray paint and put some light bulbs in.

Here is a reminder of what the medicine cabinet looked like before.

Beside the medicine cabinet, I painted three little signs that I already had all the supplies I needed.

I thought "Wash you hands and brush your teeth" was appropriate when two little boys use this bathroom along with my husband and I.

Behind the door, I found a hanger for towels at Hobby Lobby for $7.  I chose this hanger because I thought it wouldn't damage the door, but it is a little difficult to hang a towel on this.  That's fine.  Even if I have to replace it, the glass knobs are worth seven dollars.

Originally, I was going to use little frames for the labels, but they were a dollar a piece and I would have to paint them.  I already had white vinyl so I chose to make these labels.  They are not perfectly straight, but done is better than perfect.

And here is the shower curtain that started it all!

So far, I have spent....

shower curtain - $24

spray paint for light fixture - $6

towel hanger - $7

Everything else used in the bathroom are things I already had. The paint on the walls is leftover from when I painted the living room. I love trying to improvise and use what I already have, and this bathroom has challenged me.

That is my progress so far.  The projects that still need to be done are....

1. new rug

2. shelves over the toilet (there is no storage in this bathroom)

3. privacy for the window

4. something done about under the sink.  I'm not a huge fan of putting a skirt around the sink.  If you have any ideas or pins for under that sink please send them my way.  I don't have too many ideas. 

Before, I did not like this bathroom at all.  In fact, I got ready in our room every morning.  Since I've updated this bathroom, I love it.  It's such a nice place to start my day.  


  1. You did a great job and for $37.00 that's a huge improvement.

  2. I love that "done is better than perfect" phrase! I need to say that more, maybe I'd get more done!

  3. Steph just wanted to say I love seeing your pictures show up in my pinterest feed after pinning your adorable pictures probably 6 months ago, to this date it's still one of my most repins posts. Congrats and keep inspiring! Here's the pin