Friday, January 11, 2013

Blessing #170 - The Perks of Having an Electrical Father

I've mentioned before that my dad is a pastor, but he is also an electrician.  Back in the day, before the church could support him full time, he also did electrical work.

Now, I may or may not use his vast electrical knowledge to my advantage.  How?

Well, sometimes I send him text questions like I did when I needed to spray paint the light fixture in my bathroom.

Sometimes, I may or may not save projects for when he comes to visit me.  Like the old brassy chandelier in my dining room.

When he came to visit at New Year's, he took it down so I could spray paint it.

I painted it with the same spray paint I used on my bathroom light fixture (rustoleum metallic spray paint in dark bronze).  I found the shades at Goodwill for $3 for the set.

Originally, the shades had a plastic liner that made them stiff, but Collin stepped on one and cracked it.  To make them all look the same, I took the plastic out of all of them, and I actually like it better.  Thank you Collin!

Yesterday, my dad took all my phone calls and picture text when I switched out the switches in my kitchen.  

I'm so glad he knows about electrical stuff like how not to get electrocuted.  I don't think I would have been brave enough to try it I didn't know he was a phone call away.

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