Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blessing #203 - Toolbox Transformation

Today, I have a quick make over that I really love!

Over the past few weeks, I have been painting more signs.  My supplies normally stay in my chalk board dresser, but when I'm working, I just leave my paints out in the middle of the table.  That can cause a problem when my tools seem to walk away.

The other day, I decided to use this tool tray that I got from a yard sale over a year ago.

I put all my paint supplies in the tray and it worked great, but it just didn't seem creative enough for all my tools.  A little teal paint later and....

I just love it! I love that this tray was used for tools and hard work and now it's all bright and pretty!

Originally, I was going to put the create label right in the middle, but I like it so much better down in the corner.

Oh! But it gets better! I looked through my shelf paper scraps and....

They match perfectly! I knew I saved those shelf paper scraps for a reason!

Now my tools are much more tidy.

 A bright color, some shelf paper, and a label! So many of my favorite things on one piece!

I'll be sharing this project with these great sites. 

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