Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blessing #204 - Treat Cards

Today, I am sharing one of my secrets of awesomeness. Yes! that's right I do have one secret to awesomeness.

For two years, I have been using the website Treat cards to send all my cards. They are not paying me to write this blog post. I don't even get any perks, but I just really like their cards and had to share.

Have you ever tried to go card shopping with a toddler? Just as I'm trying to concentrate and find just the right sentiment to show my love, the buggy moves a little to close to the cards, and Collin has a card throwing free for all.

When I order my cards from Treat, I can do it from the privacy of my own home, or even use their app on my phone to send one on the go.  They will even mail it to the recipient saving me a trip to the post office.

My favorite part of Treat cards is that you can customize them and add pictures.  Last month, I sent a thank you card for Brandon to some friends that took him on a "funday Sunday." (I messed up with the double commas)

You can even customize the inside of the card with pictures and your own message.

And the back of the card is a nice little surprise.

I made a cards for my mom and Shad's mom after Collin's accident.  I love that I can use the same card and customize the words and message for each mom.

This one I made the outside all black and white with and the inside color.

I know what you are wondering right now. How much do they cost? A Treat card is $3.99, and if you've been to card shopping, you know that's even cheaper than some of the store cards.

With mother's day and father's day coming up, I knew we would be making a lot of cards. I joined the card club at Treat. That is where I bought 18 cards all at once, but the price of each card was only $1.99! I don't have to use all the cards at once, but the cards are credited to my treat account.

When I send a Treat card, the recipient usually calls me and thanks me for the card. It's such a nice surprise. These are the cards that people keep and put on display.  With Mother's Day next Sunday, trust me, be an all-star and send your Mom a Treat card.  

You can find their selection of Mother's Day cards here, and their great selection of thank you cards here.

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  1. Sweet! I hate looking through all the cards at the store, even if I have time. Thanks for the great tip! I will definitely be using this a lot!! :)