Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blessing #101- my husband's ex-girlfriend

Two years ago, if you had told me, "You will face a crisis, and the first thing you'll think is, 'I have to talk to my husband's ex-girlfriend'," I would have laughed and then asked, "Just what kind of crisis is it?" However, that is just what happened to me.

Now you must know that my husband's ex-girlfriend has gone on to have a great life with her own husband and family, and she is known by most people as much more than my husband's ex-girlfriend. For our purposes though, she's my husband's ex-girlfriend.

About a year ago, I met my husband's ex-girlfriend at church when she was visiting her family. We hit it off right away, and soon became friends on facebook and Pinterest. Surprisingly, we have very similar taste (maybe that's not so surprising) so she is one of my favorite people on Pinterest.

We sent a few messages back and forth, and in one of the messages she mentioned "a lupus flare up" in passing. I didn't think much of it because I didn't know much about lupus (only 2 facts at the time).

After the doctor told me I might have lupus, the doctor left the room quickly. That was it, and I was left sitting alone in stunned silence. I had no idea what to think, but I remembered the line about lupus in my husband's ex-girlfriend's message and I knew I had to talk to her.

When I got home, I sent a facebook message to my husband's ex-girlfriend instead of googling. I was afraid to google lupus. Even though it's Blessing #1, google can make a hang nail sound like it's going to kill you. She quickly responded back and started her message with, "Don't panic, runaway, freak out, or stress." When I read it, I had to laugh because that is exactly what I was doing. She gave me her phone number and we talked the next day. I had a couple of major fears about lupus, and she was able to put me at ease about them.

I can't help but believe that God worked it out for my husband's ex-girlfriend to enter my life right at the time when I needed help. He must have know that in my moment of crisis, my husband's ex-girlfriend would be just the person I needed.

All that being said, I really am getting tired of typing "my husband's ex-girlfriend" so I'll think I'll just shorten it and call her "my friend."

Note: My husband's ex-girlfriend...I mean...my friend was contacted about this blog post and has approved it.


  1. I am surprise Shad had a girlfriend before you. I tell Terry, even after 40 yrs of marriage, I have no remembrance of anyone before her. There may have been, but I don't remember. That has been my story and I'm sticking to it. All jokes aside, I stand amazed at what the Lord does for His children. Oh how He loves us.   #3

  2. Very good post.  The Lord is amazing where He brings our help from.  Love #3s#1. 

    Your dad's comment below is soooo true.  In 40 yrs not one word even those I know he dated, he can't remember.