Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blessing #99 - My Silhouette

Reunited and it feels so gooood!

Reunited 'cuz we understooood!

There's one perfec
...oh I'm sorry I was just singing to my craft cutting machine, the Silhouette. (You can see a picture of the Silhouette here.)

When I showed my Pantry I mentioned that I had lost a piece to my Silhouette in our move. I just mentioned it in passing, but I was so sad. I missed my Silhouette so bad. It was my birthday present to myself. I saved up all my pennies for it, and got it at a great deal (much better than the list price). I knew the missing piece had to turn up.

Sure enough, Shad found the missing piece in the drawer of a side table, and scored major brownie points in my heart.

Now life is as it should be and me and my Silhouette are back together. I know you think I'm crazy because of the love that I have for my Silhouette, but let me show you what my Silhouette and I can do together.

Dollar Store bins have never looked so good!

I stayed up until midnight finishing the labels for my pantry. (Yes, I realize how sad that sounds as I type it.)

I'm just so glad to have my Silhouette back!


  1. I've been wanting a silhouette for a while now. you and it do beautiful things together :)

  2. I have EXACTLY the same feelings towards my Silhoutte.  Mine, too, was a present to myself and if something ever happened to it...well, let's just say it would not be pretty.  Not to offend the SD, but do you have your eye on the Cameo, too?  I'd love to have the new model.  :-)  Oh, and what did you use for your lables?  Adhesive vinyl?  Nice pantry!

  3. I'm still pretty loyal to my SD, but there are moments when I think, "If only I could make something 12 inches wide!" I used indoor adhesive vinyl from  I love them.

  4. Hello, you have such a beautifully organized pantry! Love it. I have a question. What is the difference between the cricut and the sillhoutte. I love the wonderful things I see people create and wonder if it is possible for me to make something at least half that pretty:)