Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blessing #98 - January Goals

Does anybody out there make New Year's resolutions? I have mixed feelings about resolutions, but this year I made several.

I love making lists. Honestly, if I was in a pageant like the ones on Toddlers and Tiaras (not that I would admit to ever watching that show) my introduction would be, "This is Stephanie, and she enjoys complicated math problems, new office supplies, and making lists." I would totally win Grand Supreme with that intro.

Anyway, because I love making lists so much, setting goals and New Year's resolutions are right up my alley. Listing out New Year's resolutions can be a little overwhelming, so I decided just to set my goals for the month of January. (babysteps, babysteps)

January Goals

1. Reach the halfway point of 25 pounds towards my 50 for 30 goal.

2. Paint and decorate the master bedroom.

3. Organize the refrigerator. (I know this doesn't sound excited, but I'm making labels for all the shelves out of vinyl. Like this woman did...Oh! Add that to my pageant intro, "making labels.")

4. Have a budget meeting with Shad and stick to a budget for the month.

5. Start a new Bible study. (I saw one in the store, but I can't remember the name. I do remember what the cover looked like so I'm going to get it tomorrow.)

6. Have a date night with Shad, but not just a "Let's go out to eat date." I'm trying to convince Shad to go to a free Introduction to Ballroom Dance class that a local library is having. I think I can win him over with the, "It's free" approach.

7. Read two books. (I've already met this goal! To help motivate me, I made a pinterest board with all the books I've read in 2012.)

8. Get Collin off of bottles (This may be hard because Baby Boy loves his bottles.)

I realize that I may not accomplish everything on this list, but I would rather try than do nothing. After reading over this post though, I think I may need to add one more goal to my list, "#9 - Stop watching Toddlers and Tiaras (not that I would admit to ever watching that show)."

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  1. Very good.  I hope you meet them all including the reality shows.  Love you much & have a great day.  Love #3s#1