Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blessing #103 - The Goodwill Percentage

I've professed my love of Goodwill on many different blogposts. I've talked about it so much, Goodwill has it's own category on the blog. In all my Goodwill posts, I have never talked about Goodwill clothes.

When I go to Goodwill, I head straight to the home goods section. Once I finish with the home goods, I go to the clothes section. On most of my visits, I don't look at the clothes item by item. I just scan over the racks. Here lately, I have been hitting some home runs with my Goodwill clothes finds.

One of my many quirks is that every time I get dressed, I quickly figure out my Goodwill percentage.

"What's a Goodwill percentage?" you ask!

My Goodwill percentage is the percentage of clothes I have on that are from Goodwill. The higher the Goodwill percentage the better!

Here are a few examples.

This outfit has a 75% Goodwill percentage. Out of 4 pieces the white shirt, cardigan, and skirt all come from Goodwill. The boots were a Christmas gift.
Colli Bear photo bombed this picture. His Goodwill percentage is 0%, but he does have a 100% Mom-mom percentage. He's sporting the pajamas she got him for Christmas.

This outfit has a 66% Goodwill percentage. Out of three pieces, the dress and sweater are Goodwill.

Why yes! I do love my boots. Why do you ask?

As proud as I am of my high Goodwill percentage outfits, Shad totally beat me on the outfit he wore when we went ballroom dancing. It has a Goodwill percentage of 100%!

If you live anywhere near a Goodwill of Delaware, make sure you check out their $2 Tuesdays every Tuesday in the month of February. This is Shad and my favorite sale of the year.

Basically, any winter item is $2 for adults and $1 for kids (that includes jeans). We got B an awesome jacket last night for $1! With $2 Tuesdays this month, I might try to get a 100% Goodwill percentage. Wait. That would mean I couldn't wear my boots. Forget that. I'll just try for an 85%.


  1. Very cute outfitsm & you really make them look great.  #3s#1

  2. i LOVE that yellow dress and grey cardigan! so so cute. :)

  3. loving that yellow dress!! I racked up on clothes at Goodwill today. You seem to have a really, really cool Goodwill...slightly jealous.