Monday, May 28, 2012

Blessing #122 - My 30th Birthday, and the 10th Birthday Adventure

Hold on one second.....

Just one minute....

I'll be ready in a second....

I've just got to put on my dacin' shoes to do my happy dance because.....


Yes, let the celebration begin. I'm thirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty.  (Sorry, I'm still having a little trouble saying it.) 

Every year on my birthday we have a birthday adventure.  In the past we have explored Baltimore, Washington DC, the beach, and amish country.  However this year I needed something bigger.  I am 30 after all.  It's a multiple of 10.  It deserves to be celebrated.

I started thinking of the best way to celebrate this birthday over 6 months ago (Yes, I plan that far ahead).  Every single time I thought of celebrating my 30th only one activity popped in my head.  Only one adventure would do for this year....skydiving.

Yes, jumping out of a plane is just the cure for my third life crisis.

When I turned 20, my dad arranged for me to fly in a go cart with a fan and parachute on the back. I know there is a more technical term, but I can't think of it right now. Here's a picture of one.

It was absolutely amazing to be that high in the air with hardly any barriers or restraints.
That was the first birthday I did a "birthday adventure."  I guess for my 30th, I wanted to follow the same theme, and skydiving seemed to fit.

Am I scared? Yes! Terrified! I really don't like to fly and I have ended up in tears every time I have flown.  Shad flew with me once, and immediately vowed never to fly with me again because I was such a wreck.  So yes, I'm scared.  In fact, right before I opened up blogger to write this post, one of the headlines on yahoo said, "Grandma's Terrifying Skydive." Great! That's just what I want to see before I jump.

As scared as I am, I know if I don't do this, I will always regret it.

So around 11:00 AM today, my plan is to welcome this new decade of life much like I began my first decade, with arms wide open, screaming to the top of my lungs, and living life to it's absolute fullest. 

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