Monday, May 21, 2012

Curse #41 - The big 3-0

What time is it? birthday week, BIRTHDAY WEEK!

What time is it? birthday week, my BIRTHDAY WEEEEEK!

Yes, it's that time again.  The time when I randomly yell, "It's my birthday!"  all day long.  The time when I find a way to tell random strangers, "It's my birthday." The time when Shad and the boys have to exercise great patience with me and my birthday self. 

However, this year is a little different. This year I'm turning thirty.


The big 3-0.

 Goodbye 20's. Welcome to adulthood, you're thirty. 

Yes, I have some issues with turning thirty.  Now, I know what you are tempted to say, "Stephanie, it's just a number."

Just a number.


Do you know who I am?  I am the woman was so excited to turn 29 simply because it was a prime number.  Pythagoras put it best when he said, "All is number." 

I do have issues with turning thirty because in my mind, thirty has always been the "adult age."  So in my mind, I am now an adult.  As if the husband and two kids didn't clue me in, 30 seems to yell at me, "You're an adult."

It's not the fact that I am getting older that bothers me, it's the fact that I'm getting older and still a big mess. 

I really hoped by the time I turned thirty I would have my act together.  I'm about to be 30 and I still struggle to make my bed everyday.  I really thought that by the time I turned thirty I would have that down. 

I thought I would be farther along and have it more "together" by the time I turned 30.  I've really struggled with this for several months.  I guess I've been in the middle of a third life crisis (sorry I couldn't resist making that math joke), but here lately I've come to terms with the whole 30 thing.  I've made my peace and I'm ready to embrace 30 with open arms. 

So what if I don't have it all together.  So what if I am not as far as I thought I would be. I'm here! I made it, and that is worth celebrating. 

Besides, next year I turn 31, and it's prime. 


  1. Thirty is just a # & you're great whatever age.  Glad you are you & glad you were born.  Love you much #3s#1

  2. I remember that day!!!!! It was so exciting.....Preacher Joe got "pink" sucker and everything.! congratulations! Love keeping up with you.... You are still a beautiful "lady"!