Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blessing #129 - My porch

Recently, I fixed up our back porch.  Now, I had all these amazing before pictures to show.  Honestly! However, all of my before shots were brutally deleted by my oldest son. 

Why did he delete all my before pictures? He was playing a game making trains and he wanted to take pictures of all his trains. 

So I will just so you the after picture and try to explain everything.  Here is the porch....

I just love it! It's so bright and cheery! My first job was to stain the wood on the porch.  It was terrible and looked nasty.  It took me a few days to stain the whole porch, but it was worth the effort.

Here is the rundown of everything I used....

Shad and I found this glider in someones yard.  It looked like they were going to throw it away, but it wasn't on the curb.  We left a note on it and asking the owners if they were throwing it away and left our number.  The next day they called and said we could pick it up.  It was in roughshape, but I spray painted the frame and painted the slats with some paint I already had. 

The coffee table was something that the former tenants left in the yard.  I think it may have been a part of a cage or something.  I spray painted it white and WaaLaa a coffee table. 

The tray on the table is just an old cabinet door that we had laying around.  A fresh coat of yellow and it fits in perfectly. 

I found the pillows I used in the glider at Kmart in the clearance section for $6 each.  They are not outdoor pillows, but I figured if they fade, I can just recover them next year in outdoor fabric. 

We found the rockers at Goodwill for $15.  They were originally a natural brown, but a few cans of spray paint later, and they are a bright white. 

We found the table in between the rockers in our neighbors trash.  They were throwing it away! It was a natural brown, but I love the pop of teal it brings.  It's one of my favorite pieces on the porch. 

The sign is just an old piece of wood I found in the barn.  Nothing says "Relax" like a giant sign telling you to do so!

Here is the price run down....

stain - $25
pillows - $38
rockers - $15
spray paint - $14

Total cost - $92

I took me about three weeks from start to finish.  I love the new look we have outside. As much as I like the way it looks, I love that we got most of the items out of the trash and from Goodwill!


  1. Looks great! However, I would recommend buying outdoor fabric for the pillows because of mildew. I just redid my deck area also, and got some great deals.

  2. You are so creative!  Beautiful work!

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!! Jenny

  4. Very creative and oh so thrifty!