Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blessing #128 - Gaps

Nine years ago today, Shad and I said "I do" and started our journey together.  Today, (like last year) I am taking a moment to stop and think about our anniversary, marriage, and of course Shad. 

Twenty years ago, a great Italian philosopher name, Rocky Balboa said, "She's got gaps.  I got gaps.  Together we fill gaps."After nine years of marriage, I have learned Shad and my gaps. 

I am an early bird while Shad is a night owl. 

Shad loves to find old furniture, and I like to fix it up.

I avoid confrontation, while Shad welcomes it with open arms. 

I will happily live in denial avoiding the obvious, while Shad doesn't mind saying, "Hey! There's a problem!"

I make gut decisions, while Shad, after careful research and reading all the online reviews will make a decision.

I say, "Brush it off.  It's nothing.  You'll be okay." Shad says, "What if it's the rare drug resistant flesh eating bacteria I saw on that show the other night?"

Shad prefers all conversations to be deep and meaningful about things like "feelings," while I prefer more fluffy conversations about "Who should Emily chose?"

See! We work better together.  Without Shad, my life would be much more shallow, but Shad has always been my wake up call to reality (whether I wanted it or not).

We compliment each other.  If I was 57, Shad would totally be 33 (sorry for the math joke).  Sometimes I may get annoyed that he is so different from me, but maybe we are different for a reason.  It's their gaps that hold two puzzle pieces together. 

Nine years ago today, I said "I do" to a wild and crazy guy that I love with everything that I have.    Shad, I love you very much....gaps and all!


  1. Happy anniversary, Stephanie and Shad!!  Hope it's a wonderful day for the two of you!