Monday, July 18, 2011

Blessing #68 - Shad {what I got when I got him}

When I first started this blog, I did not tell anyone about it for a few weeks because I wanted to make sure that I could actually stick with it. After a few weeks, I told Shad what I was doing. After I explained to him that the blog was a list of my blessings, Shad looked at me with a knowing smile on his face and said, "What...or should I say WHO is Blessing #1?" I looked him in the eye and quietly replied, "Google." He couldn't believe it, "Google is #1 and not me? At least you could have made #1 something spiritual, but Google?"

Since then he mentions every so often, "You haven't even calculated me as a blessing yet." I always tell him that it's all about him, but he doesn't buy it.

Today, Shad and I celebrate our eight year anniversary, but I am still in GA. We both decided before I left that that was fine and we would celebrate on the weekend, but to celebrate our anniversary today I am giving Shad his wish and calculating him as a blessing...finally.

Eight years ago, I thought I was getting a good husband, but eight years later, I realize that I got so much more. Here are a few of the things I got when I got Shad.

I got a husband who is a hypochondriac.

I got a husband who laughs at his own jokes.

I got a husband with attention problems....Squirrel!

I got a husband who loves Goodwill more than I do.

I got a husband who gets out of trouble by being cute.

I got a husband who loves my cooking.

I got a husband who is constantly searching for dollars on the ground.

I got a husband who is my partner in crime.

I got a husband who looks great with a beard. (I'm just throwing that in there in case you are thinking of shaving it.)

I got a husband who just gets more handsome the older he gets (Did I word that one right?).

I got a husband who lets me be myself and loves me for it.

I got a husband who encourages me in every endeavor or project I try.

I got a husband who respects and values my opinion.

I got a husband who turned out to be an amazing dad.

I got a husband who has no trouble showing me that he loves me.

I got a husband whose first priority is me and the boys.

I got a husband who loves God with all his heart.

I got a husband who seeks to follow God.

I got a husband that I absolutely love!

Eight years ago, I had no clue of all the blessings I was getting in Shad, but I'm so glad I've had eight years to learn just what a blessing I got when I got him, and I pray I will have many more years to find more blessings in Shad a.k.a. Blessing #68 (but we'll just call him Blessing #1 just to make him happy!)

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