Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blessing #70- Bar-H

When I visit Georgia, I make sure that I stop at all my favorite local restaurants. During my visit to Georgia (by the way I'm home in MD now), I took my camera to some of my favorite restaurants, and I will be sharing those favorites this weeek, therefore I'm declaring this week to be restaurant week.

First up in restaurant week is Bar-H. Bar-H is my dad's favorite BBQ restaurant. While I like Bar-H, my heart and stomach belong to another BBQ place I'll mention on Thursday. My mom (and I think my brother) shares my favorite BBQ place while my dad loves Bar-H. Our family's differing views on the best BBQ place lead to some heated arguments...

"Their stew is more hashy."

"Their stew is too tomatoey."

Yes, some families argue about religion and politics, but my family argues about BBQ.

Here are some Bar-H highlights.

This is the all important pieces of cake that are for sale. Right after I took this picture they refilled the tray with cake.

Did you know that it really creeps people out when you pull and your camera and just start taking pictures of stuff without explaining why you are taking said picture? Did you? You should try it. I think some people thought I was some kind of restaurant critic.

BBQ buddies! My dad won Brandon over to the "Bar-H is the best side." In fact, that is exactly what Brandon said the entire way home.

Notice the decor in this picture. Any good North Georgia BBQ restaurant's color scheme will be red and black. (Go Dawgs!)

Here is the all important BBQ shot. Bar-H has all the basics off a good BBQ plate, chopped pork, stew, slaw, chips, bread, and sweet tea. The thing that makes Bar-H different is that their BBQ is all you can eat, although I couldn't eat more than one plate.

All in all, Bar-H is a fantastic BBQ place that serves BBQ, ribs, and chicken, but it's just not my "favorite."

I'm sure my dad is going to make his "Bar-H is the best" argument in the comments of this post, and his points will probably be alliterated, but just wait until Thursday, and I will show you my favorite.


  1. Bar H is the Minor leagues!!! Zebs is the best!!!   Bring on Thursday!!!!

  2. You are correct, Chad!  The best is Zeb's!!!  Great post Steph. Loved remembering those good times of the past two weeks.  Love #3s#1

  3. 1) Generous Portions   2) Gracious People   3) Great Prices
    or 1) Good Food  2) Good Service   3) Good Prices
    Novices, all of you are novices.  signed Bar-b-que Billy