Monday, July 11, 2011

Blessing #66- An Aunt Ruthie Breakfast

This weekend I visited some of my family in North Carolina while I was on my way to GA!!! We stopped in to see my Aunt Ruthie. (Yes, I am 29 year old woman and I still call my Aunt Ruth, "Aunt Ruthie", but Aunt Ruth just doesn't sound right.)

I don't know when it started, but at some point, Aunt Ruthie started making breakfast for any of my family that stops by and see her, and I love stopping in and having my Aunt Ruthie breakfast.

Aunt Ruthie's selections for this particular breakfast were grits, eggs, black label bacon, cheese, biscuits, and scupadine jelly. (I always thought it was "scuffidine", but google says "scupadine".)

Aunt Ruthie's food is fantastic...unbelievably good, but the food is not even the best part of an Aunt Ruthie breakfast.

The best part of an Aunt Ruthie breakfast is gloating about eating an Aunt Ruthie breakfast. Shortly after the tradition of the Aunt Ruthie breakfast started, the gloating phone call started. As you eat an Aunt Ruthie breakfast, you can't help but call your loved ones and let them know what you are doing. Here is how the call usually goes...

my brother or dad: Hello.

me: Hi, guess what I'm doing right now?

my brother or dad: What?

me: I'm eating black label bacon.

my brother or dad: (sigh)

me: I've got a biscuit with scuffidine jelly.

my brother or dad: uh huh.

me: It's just wonderful here at Aunt Ruthie's!

Now, before you feel bad for my dad or brother, just remember when they get an Aunt Ruthie breakfast they call me too. They may not write a blog post about it, and rub it in on facebook (they are nicer than me), but they call me.


  1. The perfect breakfast is livermush, eggs over medium (yellow running)
    grits, biscuit and sweet tea. That's what Ruthie Mae fixes me. #3

  2. I would love to visit Aunt Ruthie sometime. Would she make breakfast for a complete stranger?