Monday, July 18, 2011

Blessing #67 - The Stump

My boys are so fortunate because they have four grandparents that absolutely adore them and are involved in there lives. Each grandparent has something special that they do with Brandon. My mom showers him with snacks every time he visits her. Soon after we got to GA, they made a list of snacks and she went and got them at Walmart. Shad's mom and Brandon have "dirty days." A dirty day is where Mrs. Lankford takes Brandon to a spot of dirt, gives him a hose, and lets him get as dirty as he pleases. Shad's dad takes B on rides on the John Deere Gator. When B visits GA, my dad and Brandon have projects.

In April, when B stayed with them for a week, my dad and B cleared out the woods or as Brandon described it, "We cut down trees!" I thought they were just cutting a few limbs, but then my dad sent me a picture of there project. My four-year-old was allowed to use hedge clippers to his hearts content.

During this visit, Brandon and my dad have been working on a stump. My dad, who would wouldn't let me use his drill to this day, lets Brandon drill holes into the old stump. They also use a hammer and chisel (or jisel as B calls it) to hammer out pieces of the stump.

One morning, I told Brandon we were getting to go out to eat with one of my friends. He quickly answered, "I can't go!" I tried to convince him, but he added, "I've got to work on the tree or it will come back!" There was no convincing him so he stayed home with my parents while I went out with my friend.

On this day of "work," they had to wear their bandannas.

As soon as I get home I'm sure I will have to go hide our hammer, drill, and "jisel"...immediately, but I'm so glad B is making a memory with my dad.

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