Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Curse #23 - PMS

"Somebody's PMS'ing!" That phrase and any of it derivations are on my top pet peeves list. While I've never hit anyone, I come close when I hear this phrase. Just because I am emotional or somewhat annoyed doesn't necessarily mean that it's PMS. Maybe I'm just feeling fatigued by all the stupidity surrounding me.

Fortunately, Shad knows how badly that statement bothers me so he steers clear of saying those three letters. No, Shad is much smarter than that. He won't come out and say "PMS," he only implies it.

"Honey, you seem very EMOTIONAL today."

"You've been very short with me all WEEK."

"You seem so ANGRY."

I look him straight in the eye, and in the sweetest voice I can muster up reply, "No! Now why would you say that?"

Astonished by his comments, I search my heart for any deep-seated anger and find none except for the fact that The Oprah Show is gone forever.{Why...WHY!?!} That's when I start counting the days, and I realize...It's PMS! Curses! I hate it when he's right, and I especially hate it when he knows me better than I know myself.

I then spend the next several days biting my tongue, controlling my emotions, and waiting for my crazy hormones to subside so I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming...except for The Oprah Show. It's gone forever.


  1. Been there!!  Done that!!  #3's#1

  2. Dudeee!! I know a 58 yr. old man should not use that kind of language, but that sums up what I think. #3