Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blessing #69- The Junk Bin

One of the places I wanted to go to when I got to GA was the Junk Bin. I was looking for a place to get just the right anniversary gift for Shad, and I knew I would find it at the Junk Bin (Yes, I know that sounds strange, but he's a unique guy.)

I loOoOoOoOve the Junk Bin, I could have spent days in the Junk Bin! When we first showed up at the Junk Bin, Brandon said, "We're American Pickers!" (We love that show!) If you notice the red sign in the picture below here it says, "It's not a museum, this junk is for sale."

It may look crazy, but the Junk Bin is actually really organized. This is a room full of clear glassware. Brandon did not come in this room.

Where else could you find all these chicken thingies all together.

I stood in front of these rolling pins, and tried to think of something to do with them. They all just looked so pretty when you put them all together.

I ended up getting some lids for some of my mason jars that didn't have lids, an old metal arrow sign, and a faded stop sign for Shad for our anniversary. I paid $7 for it all. There's wasn't price tags on anything, and I had to wait for the owner before I could pay because he was the only one that knew the prices of things, but that just made me love the Junk Bin even more!


  1. Wow!  What a neat place.  I live in GA and have never heard of it.  Where is it?

  2. It's in Nicholson GA right off of Hwy 441 near Benton Elementary.

  3. Great!  Will look it up.  Gotta see how far it is from here. Thanks!

  4. ThemagicthatisthriftJuly 24, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    What a find!!