Thursday, July 14, 2011

Give me Five Friday: Five things I've been doing in GA

This week has found me back in the great state of GA for a visit. I haven't been home in a year and a half. (Actually it's been one year and seven twelfths, but a year and a half is simpler to say.)

I do pretty good in MD. I stay pretty content, but I never really realize how much I miss Georgia until I am back in the great state. So for today's five...

Five Things I have Been doing in Georgia

1. Eating- I have a list of restaurants I have to go to while I am here, and I have also been enjoying my Mom's cooking. Tuesday night we had a meal of mostly vegetables...corn, fried okra, squash, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cantaloupe, mexican cornbread, and blackberry cobbler. It was the type of meal I hated as a kid, but I love now.

2. Visiting with Friends- Along with my list of restaurants to eat at in GA, I have a list of people to see. Everyday, I get to see a different friend, and the time spent with them is so special to me.

3. Trying to keep my boys from being absolutely rotten. This is a very hard job. They are getting so spoiled that I have to work double, but it's worth the work for them to know they are loved.

4. Soakin' it in- There's something absolutely wonderful and heart filling to be with people that have known you forever, have seen you at your worst, and still love you anyway.

5. Missing Shad- My husband, being the hard working man he is, had to stay home while we get to enjoy our time down here. It stinks because when I'm in Maryland I miss GA and when I'm in GA I miss Shad in Maryland. However, being homesick or missing someone has a blessing in it. When you do get to be home or with the one you love, you appreciate them that much more and see it for the treasure it is.

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  1. Problem... missing Shad and missing Georgia
    Solution... You and Shad and the boys move by to Georgia
    Problem solved.... 

    Next problem.... #3