Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blessing #132 - Stew Kharma

Saturday, I got an odd text from my dad....

"I am not responsible for what text you may get from your family."

At first, I had no idea what he meant, but then I started to connect the dots.  My brother visited my parents in Georgia this weekend, and it was lunchtime.  I knew exactly what was about to come my way, the Zeb's text. 

Zeb's is my absolute favorite restaurant.  I've blogged about it before.  Every time, I visit Zeb's I send my brother a text or picture just letting him know where I am.  When you are eating something so good, you can't help but share with someone else.  For crying out loud, I am his little sister, part of the reason God put me on this earth was to pester him. 

However, I do not appreciate the tables being turned on me.  I quickly texted my dad back.....

"Noooooo! Zeb's pictures! I just had Taco Bell for lunch.  That would be so depressing."

After several minutes, I still had not received a text from my brother so I thought I was fine.  I thought I had dodged a bullet.   Maybe he had a heart after all, but then I got this picture.....

He said he didn't want to be mean so he would just send me the picture of his empty plate. He then went on to say...

"I am also taking 2 pints of stew home, but I will spare you that pic."

Do you see the abuse I take? Taco Bell! Taco Stinkin' Bell is what I had for lunch, and he had to rub it in that he had Zeb's, but that is not where our story ends.  True, that is where my brother's texts ended, but I found out from an unnamed source that the story did not end there. 

Remember those precious 2 pints of stew that my brother took home? Well, one of his kids stepped on the fragile styrofoam container and smashed it as they were getting out of the car.  Oh! But it gets better! Then the other precious pint of stew got dropped on the ground. 

For some reason, my brother did not send me pictures of the smashed stew. He didn't even let me know that it had happened.  It could be that he was too upset.  I know the old adage says not to cry over spilled milk, but trust me you cry over spilled stew.  Maybe he knew that I would have way too much fun coming up with funny texts about it.  For whatever reason, he didn't tell me about his mishap. 

Fortunately, thanks to my unnamed source I know the rest of the story, and I just couldn't resist blogging about it.  Sorry brother, just doin' my job. 

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  1. This blog will not be understood by all. But those who love real Georgia stew (not Zeb's) will.
    Gracie, the dog, was very happy over all the stew. She was happy happy happy.
    Love ya,   unnamed source