Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Curse #43 - The DMS Shirt

Generally, Shad is a good dresser.  He can put an outfit together, and bring in unexpected elements.  Sometimes he evens breaks out his blue suede shoes. 

Notice though, I said he "generally" is a good dresser.  There is one item he wears that I cannot stand.  In fact, I cringe every time he wears his DMS shirt.

Over 15 years ago, Shad got the t-shirt when he worked for DMS moving company.  Early on, the DMS shirt lost its sleeves.  It's slightly faded, but the shirt has held up unbelievably well for how much it has been worn.  (just my luck)

On his day off, somehow Shad will find his way to the DMS shirt.  On one day, he wore the cut off DMS shirt and cut off shorts.  Now, I'm not a fashion expert, but I think only one item in an ensemble should be classified as "cut off."

Most Saturdays, he wears the shirt with jeans that have the knees blown out. he is convinced that the rugged outfit gets him better deals at yard sales.  I say, "Yes, he get's better deals, but that's because people think he's homeless!"

Shad packed a suitcase full of clothes for our vacation, but somehow he ended up wearing the DMS shirt almost every day.  On the trip, I would do laundry at night, and magically that dumb shirt would end up in every load of laundry even though I didn't put it there!

The DMS shirt, for whatever reason, is his security item.  Linus has his blanket, Brandon has his monkey, Collin has his alligator, and Shad has his DMS shirt.   I don't know at what point he got attached to the shirt, but I have a feeling it was the first time I said, "I really don't like that shirt."

Often, I imagine the DMS shirt suffering a terrible washing machine accident, or I have considered hiding the shirt.........in the trash can.  However, no matter how strongly I dislike the shirt, it stays because Shad loves it so much. 

Besides, Shad is really good at Clue. He would figure it out.  "It was Stephanie, in the washing machine, with the bleach!"

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