Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Curse #44 - The Pinecones

Sometime in April, I decided to help Shad by mowing the yard.  Much to my surprise, I loved it! Now, I don't have the greatest history with lawn mowers.  I ran into my parents house once, when I was trying to "help" mow the yard.  When I was twelve, I ran my friends mower off into her grandfather's garden.  Eighteen years later, and I still haven't lived that one down.  However, Shad doesn't mind so much how the yard looks as long as it gets done. 

Each week, I love the two and a half hours I get all to myself while I mow the yard, and Shad thinks I'm awesome for doing it.  Everyone wins!

 For the past several weeks though, I have made an enemy while I cut the grass, the pine cone.

Every week, I make the turn around a particular tree only to be whacked smack dab in the forehead by these pine cones.  I know that doesn't sound too painful, but these pine cones are filled with lead.  Seriously! My forehead still hurts where I got whacked last time I cut the grass. 

I realize the simplest solution would be just to pull the pine cones down, but I have never been one for the simple solutions.  Every week I have the same inner dialogue....

ow! Dumb pine cones hit me again!

I'm going to pull them off of the tree.  Problem solved.

Wait! I should see if I remember these pine cones are here next week.  I'll remember and I won't get hit. 

Yes, it's a weird twisted game that I play against myself.  Will I remember the lead filled pine cones?  So far the score is......

Pine cones - 7
Stephanie - 0

Every stinkin' single week, I forget, and every week I come around that corner and whack my forehead.  Maybe since, I am writing this post I will remember next week. 

I don't know why I am doing this strange competition with myself?  Maybe it's because I have become so forgetful since I have had kids and I want to prove I still have a brain.  Maybe it's just that I am super competitive.  All I know is that next week, I will win, but if you see me with a bruise in the middle of my forehead....don't ask. 

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  1. Because of you hitting the house and your brother tearing up every one of my lawnmowers, I prefer to mow my own grass. I have found it to be way cheaper in the long run.   Pops aka #3