Friday, March 8, 2013

Blessing #191 - Whole 30 Week One {part 2}

Today, I complete one week on Whole 30.  This week has definitely been a challenge, but I am so glad I survived.

Today, I finished my food challenge for the week and tried avocado. Yesterday, I tried one that was not ripe, and it was nasty.  Even after all the advice I got, I still got it wrong.  Last night, I went back to the grocery store, and found the idiot proof avocado.

I tried it sliced up with lemon and salt.  The flavor was a little much for this recovering picky eater, but I was determined.  I smashed the slices up and put it on top of the chicken I was eating.  That's the ticket! It was so creamy and good! Since going 100% dairy free in January, I don't get many creamy things.  I'm definitely eating this again!

My poor husband this has definitely been difficult for him.  Apparently, sugar was really important to my brain because I can't carry on a full conversation.  After struggling to have a conversation with cloudy brained me, Shad beat his head on the wall, "What is this? Whole 30 ways to torture your spouse?"

As hard as it has been with my sugar detox for Shad, he has been eating good.  This weekend he got eggs and bacon every morning.  When he comes home for lunch, I just make him extra of what I'm eating, and at night I give him what I'm eating and add a grain.  For example, tonight I made a steak and snow peas stir fry for myself.  I added some jasmine rice for Shad, and he was a happy camper.

If he had to choose between eating really good or having a wife that's out of it, I think he would choose food.

Over the course of this week, I ate a dozen eggs. That has never...ever happened before.  Remember, I said I was a recovering picky eater? Well, I don't eat least before whole 30.

I have an irrational fear of hard boiled egg.  To see someone bite into a whole hard boiled egg turns my stomach.  It's like finger nails down a chalkboard for my eyes. I have no idea where this fear started.  It could have been when I was little and put all my hard boiled Easter eggs in the refrigerator of my play kitchen.  A few days later, I learned the hard way that eggs need to be refrigerated.

For ten years, I have really struggled with my weight, and for ten years all that mattered about food was  the calories.  High calorie food was bad and low calorie food was good.  Whole 30 has really opened up my eyes made me realize that there's much more to food than that.

For example, because Diet Dr. Pepper have no calories, I thought all I had to worry about was the caffeine. I had resigned myself to the fact that caffeine is a way of life for me as long as I have a toddler.

However, I've learned now that even though Diet Dr. Pepper has no calories, the sweetness messes with your hormones (I think insulin).  Which makes you crave and just messes you up.

What? I feel like the blinders have been taken off.  Yes, I did start reading It All Starts with Food today! Why do you ask?

Thank you so much for all your help last week with the avocados! This week, I am trying asparagus. I think I may have had it twice in my life. This week's question, how do you cook it? 


  1. apsaragus... personally not a big fan, but they are good with olive oil and salt/pepper then oven roated... or pan roasted. just be sure you get some fast heat to create a bit of color -and trim those stalk ends! they are NOT yummy :) .... and you can always out a creamy avacado sauce over it :) as asparagus really is good with something creamy-but i know you can't have cheese.

  2. I'm so impressed.  I have tried several times to give up my DDP and it seems I always go back.  Darn that Sonic!!  As to the asparagus, drizzle them with olive oil, salt (even better if you get the smoked applewood sea salt from - it's SO good!) and garlic, and roast them on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or so.  I think they're yummy!

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  4. Congrats on week one! Very inspiring. Maybe after we move, I'll give it a try!

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