Friday, March 29, 2013

Blessing #197 - Whole 30 (week 4)

Tonight, Shad and I went out on a date!  When we went to Chillis, I was a little stressed about exactly what to order. I didn't want to feel deprived as I knew I was going to be watching Shad have bacon and ranch quesadillas which I couldn't eat if I wanted to because of the cheese.

My feelings of deprivation went away when I realized that steak was on the 2 for $20 menu! Happily, I ordered a steak with broccoli, and didn't feel deprived at all. Well, except for this....

Oh! Chips and salsa we meet again.  I ate a few, but then ended up dipping my broccoli in salsa. Which is not nearly as gross as it sounds.

Sundays are very busy days for us, but I still managed to eat good today.  Shad and the boys asked me to make them spinach smoothies this morning. I don't know if they will ask again, but at least they tried them.  I need to find some sweeter versions for them.

Since starting Whole 30, I have become a big fan of Aldi.  Going to that grocery store has made this experiment stay in budget.  I don't have to base my whole week's menu by what fruit and veggie is on sale. Aldi's produce price are usually pretty low.

I love how bright and colorful the inside of my fridge looks on grocery day.

I realize I probably should keep all my produce in the vegetable and fruit drawers, but I like being able to see what I have.  Also, I've been eating things up so produce going bad hasn't really been a problem.

Today, I tried spaghetti squash and I really liked it.  However, the sauce I put on it was gross so it ruined it, but the squash itself was great.  I am going to have to try it again with a better sauce!

I am still not feeling the amazing energy that many other people claim to get on the whole 30! As frustrated as that makes me, I'm trying to be patient.  I have to remember Collin's accident and all the stress that came with it.  I think that totally threw the energy part off.

One thing I have noticed is that although I don't have amazing energy, I don't have highs and lows in my energy.  It stays the same through out the day.  I like not having the sugar crashes.

Today was a rough day emotionally.  After reading the not so nice comments about me, my heart just felt heavy all day.  What bothered me was not so much that the words were about me, but the realization that people could be so mean.  I felt like my world is all gum drop and rainbows, and it just surprised me that people could even say those things.

Anyway, the good news is that as heavy as my heart was, I didn't emotionally eat all day! Normally, bad days called for a trip to Rite Aid for my go to bad day food, a bag of gummy worms followed by a giant Diet Dr. Pepper. After all I deserved it, right?

Shad was so sweet, and tried to cheer me up by offering a trip to Sweet Frog.  I held off yesterday, but we will probably go this weekend.  As much as I love Sweet Frog, I am really trying not to run to food when I'm stressed or down, and this month with the accident, I have had lots of practice!

I am trying to get into my brain that just because I had a bad day does not entitle me to a load of sugar which will just make me feel worse in the end.

I am coming into the home stretch.  It really has gone by so fast! The weight loss part of this experiment is such a nice perk. I don't think I have lost a dramatic amount of weight, but my clothes are fitting better, and that is very encouraging.

Next week, I share some things I have learned through this experience and some advice if you decide you want to try it yourself.

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