Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blessing #192 - Two Favors

If you are friends with me on facebook, you know that we had a scary weekend.  Collin tried to eat a Tide Laundry pod, and ended up in the ICU on a ventilator. 

Writing really helps me process through things so I will probably write several posts about this (I apologize ahead of time, but writing helps me work through my feelings.)

Before I tell the story or say anything about the accident, I just wanted ask you two favors in this post.

First favor, if you have children DO NOT have the Tide Laundry Pods in your house.  I just switched over to the pods a month ago, and I wish...I WISH I had heard the warnings of how dangerous the are to children.

Maybe you are thinking, I should have realized how much the pods looked like candy, and known not to have it in my house.  You are probably right.  Maybe you are thinking that I should have had them up high and out of his reach.  You are definitely right.

I have no trouble saying that I made a mistake.  Normally, I am very cautious with medicines and cleaners.  Just last month, I bought new medicine containers and reorganized my cabinet to make it more safe for Collin.  I keep all my cleaners on a high shelf in my pantry and not under my sink.   However, the one thing I kept within his reach was the laundry supplies.  They stayed in a drawer in an organizer in between my washer and dryer.

Rather than judging me for my mistake, please learn from what happened to me.  Throw the pods out of your house.  Don't even bother putting them on a high shelf. Just throw them out.

Collin does not put things in his mouth.  He's just not mischievous like that....Oh, he's mischievous in other ways, but not like that.

I didn't see it before the accident, but look at these pods.

They look just like a gummy candy.  Look at the container they come in. 

The container has a flip lid kind of like the containers in my lunch station.

I really belief if a child got a hold of laundry detergent, they would realize it tasted bad and stop eating it.  I think Collin bit plastic gel exterior of the pod and it exploded in his mouth.  One day, I squeezed one as I threw it in the washing machine, and it popped and shot all over my face. I belief Collin bit it and it popped, and he really couldn't help ingesting the detergent.

Also, the detergent in the pods is very concentrate and stronger than normal detergent and is more dangerous when ingested. 

Please, if you have children do not use these pods. 

Second favor, I have been a parent for six years, and I never knew the number to my local poison control....until December.  In December, during the boys wellness check ups, the doctor spoke with me and asked me all the basic questions. 

When she asked me if I had the poison control number, I told her no.  She had a magnet, but she said, "Why don't you type it into your phone.  That way you have it right there in an emergency."

Saturday, I remembered I had the number in the contacts and quickly called poison control.  I really didn't know what poison control did, but the lady that answer knew right away all the affects of Tide Pods.

"He looks fine," I told her. "He just coughed a little." The poison control worker paused and said, "He coughed? You need to get him to the hospital right away. He is going to get much worse within the first hour. Do you need an ambulance?"

 I told her we were leaving right away, and by the time we got to the hospital, his breathing was much worse and I knew she was right. The poison control worker asked the hospital we were going to and she called ahead to let them know we were coming. When we got to the emergency room we went right through.

That poison control worker showed me the seriousness of the situation, and I will always be grateful to her and the doctor that made me save the number. 

Today, please do me two favors and get rid of the Tide Pods, and call your pediatrician, find out the number to poison control, and put it in your phone.

 My little guy came off the ventilator yesterday.  I think it's going to be a while, but I think he is on the mend.



  1. As a new parent, I'm praying for you, your son, and your family. I will ask the doctor today for the number.

  2. i am so sorry.  i hope he is well soon!

  3. National Capital Poison Center  1-800-222-1222.  You will be automatically connected with your local poison control center. 

  4. Stephanie--I doubt you remember me, I kept your sweet Collin in nursery for you last year for the Valentines Banquet, I'm Jayme's mom. I have had you in thought and prayer since Jayme called me Saturday. I know how I would think if I was in this situation, but a mistake can only be corrected now, and blame will only hurt not heal.  My actual first thought when she told me was a verse that just kept running through my head, "Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary, the devil, like a roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour" I Peter 5:8. You guys have a great testimony with your churchand the youth and the devil would enjoy nothing more than destroying it. The young people at church(and us old people too)will be watching to see how your God holds you together, and I  have no doubt you guys will see blessings come from this horrible tragedy. I am quite sure that is hard to see right now but take refuge in God's mercy and grace as a mom, a couple and a family--He has it there for the taking, all you need to is accept it.

  5. I went to school with your sister-in-law Ashley and I found out about your son from Facebook.  I have a two year old and I would have never thought that Tide Pods looked like candy until you mentioned it.  I haven't ever purchased and I don't think I will now.  I called Posion Control once when my little boy was a baby.  I way over reacted that time, but Poisen Control was so nice about my concern and answered all of my questions and helped me see what we could do better about some of the chemical around our house.  Such a helpful blog post for other mothers. 

  6. As a mom with grown children, and now a grandma of 2 boys (one of which is Autistic), I want to thank you for coming out and telling other moms about this.  It is not easy to tell everyone about something that you feel you did wrong.  But for the better good you did.  
    Let me also say, this is not your fault.  This is something that happened and we all are allowed to learn from it.  There is no blame.  Only a lesson to be shared to help others.  Praying for your little one and you!  Thank you again for helping other moms to learn from your lessons.

  7. I read your post when it was recommended by a mutual friend on Facebook, Haley Baker Zimmerman. You have been through a very deep valley, one that my husband and I can relate to. My husband was fixing the breaks on car (this was n 2001) and he had break fluid sitting right by him as he worked under the car.  Our son John, he was 2 at the time, took the break fluid and got a gulp as he poured it all over himself. We rushed him to the hospital, where they gave him charcoal and then pumped his stomach out. One thing I hope you don't allow is for Satan to use this against you. He LOVES to make parents feel guilty for our children's curiosities. Whenever this feeling comes over you, close your eyes, and out loud tell Jesus "Thank you" for protecting your child then tell that old serpent Satan he isn't welcome in your home, or near you. 

    I will be praying for you and your family and if you like, I would LOVE to be friends on Facebook! 

    Stacy Fisher

  8. My daughter shared the prayer request with me for your little guy. My heart went out to you for I know the guilt/shame/fear/anxiety you were/are facing. As a young mom trying to be vigilant and cautious with her children -  I experienced my energetic toddler son ingesting tylenol, my iron supplement tablets, pulling a pan of hot water onto him and I,and  falling out of bed and breaking his clavicle bone - all within about 1 year time frame.  I was fearful of having my child taken away from me. God was good, gracious and merciful. That never happened and he has grown into a fine young man of 27 years now. God is bigger than the pain and hurt, His forgiveness is sure and everlasting. He understands our human frailties and Loves us always. Glad you are telling others of your experience. God Bless

  9. Thank you for sharing.  How scary for you and how important for all of us.  We will make sure to never have these in our house now and it reminds me to make sure I have all other cleaners away.

  10. Several friends shared your blog and I just finished reading. I am so sorry that you and Collin had to go through such a terrifying ordeal. I didn't know any details until today but my family and I have been praying for you fervently since Saturday. We will continue to pray and will be sure to remove those Tide pods from our home. Thank you for sharing and may God bless and help you.

  11. I am a mom of  three sons, I am also an Aunt to three niece and six nephews. My three son have kept me busy over the years, but it wasn't so much them as it was my niece Racheal. When she was 2 years old she I was babysitting her. She  took my empty, mind you my empty Clorox bottle that I had thrown away and opened it up and drank what little bit was left in the bottle. I was in using the bathroom, at the time. When I cam out she was sitting on the floor with the bottle in front on her, and the lid was off. The first thing I did was smell her mouth and breath. I called poison control, and I told them what had happen, I felt like such a bad person, how could I let this happen. The lady on the other end was so nice and understanding. I thought I was going to get my kids taken and my sisters kids taken away.

    I understand the feelings you have about yourself, they will pass. There are always trial that come our way in raising a child, we just have to be aware and not take the little things for granted. I never thought about a child taking the lid off of Clorox and drinking it.  

    My kids are grown and have all survived their childhood, with cuts and broken bones and scars. Please don't be to hard on yourself, we make mistakes, we live, we learn from them, and after all we are human. Thank the good Lord above that your son will be alright, from this you have a lesson to pass on to other mothers, aunts, grandma, father, uncles, and grandpa. 

    This can happen to anyone. My God Bless you and your family.

  12. Praying for your family. Your pain is knowledge for another mom (including me). Praying that little man gets well soon. He is OBVIOUSLY a fighter!

  13. Kristen at Krysia SunflowersMarch 14, 2013 at 7:51 AM

    Praying for you and your family.... How scary! That could happen to anybody. So glad your little one will be okay and that you are spreading the word to prevent this from happening to another child. May The Lord bless and comfort your family.

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