Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days {Day 30} - Lunch Station

After Brandon started school, I knew I wanted a quick place to make his lunches. I used the other side of my coffee station cabinet to make a lunch station. 

I planned on taking some pictures today of the lunch station, but right now I am not in my house because of Hurricane Sandy.  One of the drawbacks of a beautiful old home with beautiful old trees is hurricanes!

Here is a quick picture that I took of the lunch station a while ago on my phone. Sorry with the Hurricane interrupting us, I had to go with what I had.

I found the canisters here and there at Goodwill and yard sales for a $1 each, but I've also seen them at Target and Walmart. 

The labels say salty, sweet, treat, and drink.  I pulled the two baskets up top out because they didn't work.  I haven't found the right container yet for that space. 

I love this lunch station.  It makes putting B's lunch together so fast in the morning. 

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