Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days {Day 9} Failure

In 31 Days to Love your Home so far, we have laid the foundation, and we are fixin' to hit the ground running! Tomorrow we start talking about where to find and buy things for your home, but before we do, we must cover an important topic....failure.

It's going to happen.  You are going to be so pumped about loving your home, and you are going to start a project and fail....miserably.  It's not about if you are going to fail. It is when you are going to fail.

My first major house fail came when I wanted to change our couch.  We bought our couch at a yard sale eight years ago, and it was looking rough.  In a sheer moment of genius, I thought I had found a great solution, a slip cover!  Oh! But not just any slip cover a WHITE slip cover.  All my favorite blogs had them, and it seemed like a great idea.  When the white slip cover gets dirty, just bleach it!

After I shared my brilliant plan with Shad, he said, "I'm sorry, I'm Shad. Have you met our family?"  Undeterred, I found and awesome website that sells Pottery Barn slip covers at amazing prices called  Ugly Sofa. I got a great slipcover, on sale for just $30.

When the slip cover arrived, I couldn't believe it. It was gorgeous and brilliantly white!  I quickly put it on our couch, but after a few days, it was not so brilliantly white.  I quickly realized, we were not a white slipcover family, but I'm so stubborn I didn't want to prove Shad right.  Finally, after a week, I couldn't take it, and admitted it! Home Fail!

Oh, but the failure doesn't stop there.  Last week, there was supposed to be an extra baby step that I did not blog about.  I was going to blog about making the outside of your house warm and welcoming.  A few weeks ago, I bought a couple of mums, and I planned on adding a few pumpkins to make a great fall entry.

However, when I went to write the post, the mums looked a little rough, perhaps on their way to dead.

This summer, I grew a few vegetables, and I really think my hanging baskets and pansies died of natural causes.  Just when I think I've have overcome it...BOOM...the black thumb strikes again. Home Fail!

If I zoom out on this picture, it shows a gorgeous mum Shad brought me home last week.

It looks like the yellow mums are leaning over yelling, "Run, Dude, Run!" Or at least it does to me.

Last week, I made Shad a coffee station for his birthday week.  I'll blog about that on another day, but as part of the project, I made some Anthropology coffee cup knock offs.

Pinterest said I could use sharpies on dollar tree cups, and just bake the cups for 30 minutes when I was done.  It's a bad picture, but aren't they so cute!

ummmm...I really don't know why I feel the need to make inanimate objects tell me, "Hi," but apparently from the planters and the cups in this post, I do.

Anyway, I washed the H cup one time, and here are the cups now.

"I!?!" Home Fail!

Those are just a few of my home failures, but it will happen to you too.  You'll pick a paint color that looks good in the store, but terrible on the walls.  You'll try a project and it's way too advanced for you.

At least you tried! The only thing worst than failing is letting fear stop you.  So many people never even try just because they are afraid.  Don't give up.  Just pick yourself up.  Dust yourself off, and try again.



  1. Im sorry to laught at your pain but this is pretty funny. The objects saying "HI", the dead mums,  the white slip cover! We were recently looking for a new house and I FELL in DEEP and TRUE LOVE with a "vanilla" oclored sofa that was an excellent price (from Reba at Dillards) and I had to pry my little hands off of it, becuase I knew I was not a "vanilla" sofa girl.  The sales woman tried to tell me how easy it was to remove its slipcover and wash, but I knew. I knew it would be a nightmare in my house......

  2. I meant to say... looking for a new sofa for my house....

  3. Carol@arewethereyetOctober 9, 2012 at 1:53 PM

    Awwww - yes, home fails!  I have had many - but you are right.  You just have to pick yourself up and try again.  I go back 20 or more years - when I was on my own for the first time - a divorced mother of two little girls and I had just bought my own house!  I started watching a show on the Discovery Channel and it changed my life - what was it you ask?  The Christopher Lowe Show!  He said something that I have always remembered - "It's just paint" - so if you don't like it paint it again - and that goes for anything you do.  So, whenever I have a fail (and it doesn't have to be something I've painted) I just laugh to myself and say "It's just paint!" - and try again.
    Hugs -
    Carol @arewethereyet.blogspot.com

  4. Calculating BlessingsOctober 9, 2012 at 9:43 PM

    I know the Christopher Lowe Show! I think "It's just paint" will be my new motto!

  5. Calculating BlessingsOctober 9, 2012 at 9:44 PM

    Yes, white sofas are gorgeous, but white sofas are not gorgeous in my home.