Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days {Day 26} An Organized Kitchen

When I first started to love my home, my greatest complaint was, "This doesn't feel like home."Shad's greatest complaint was, "I don't know where anything is."

When we moved, I set out to be a more organized person.  One year later, I have gotten as far as the kitchen.  For the most part, my kitchen is organized.  The rest of the house? Not even close, but the kitchen looks great.

It started a few weeks after we moved when I remodeled the pantry, and then drawer by drawer, I have made progress.

Over the next several days, I am going to share some of my favorite parts of my kitchen, but first I'd like to share with you my most favoritest item in my kitchen.  (Pardon the grammar.  I'm just so excited.) 

When I first started organizing my kitchen, this blog post from I heart organizing was really helpful.  When I saw her baking pans, I swooned.  At that time, my baking pan cabinet was a wreck.  When I opened the door, the baking pans would all fall out.

Organizing my glass baking dishes was even more of a pain! The 8x8 had to go inside the 9x13 flat and then both of those dishes went inside the 9x13 ribbed dish.  It was a jigsaw puzzle that I was never organized to keep up with.

Just a few weeks after seeing the I Hear Organizing post, I found two of the dividers in Big Lots for $3 a piece.  Now, that I have had them for a year, I know they are worth much more than that.

Here is my baking dish cabinet now.....

Sorry for the poor picture quality, it's very dark here today.  This is how this cabinet always looks thanks to a simple $3 tool.

It's a simple product, but it has made my life so much easier.  If you're still stacking your baking dishes, I promise this is well worth the money!


  1. i have the same one for my baking things!! I love it!!

  2. Ryan said we have to get these. This is a huge problem in our house. What I'd really love to get is one of those platforms you hang from the ceiling with the hooks and you hang your pots and pans from. But we don't have a good place to put this in our kitchen where Ryan won't bang his head. You really need an island for such and apparatus.