Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days {Day 8} The Missing Piece

So far in 31 Days to Love your Home, I recognized my problem, took baby steps in the right direction, and found my inspiration.   In all those posts, there is one key element of my home that I left husband.

As important as it is for me to love my home, it's also important for my husband to love it too.  I can love my house, but if Shad hates it, life will be pretty miserable.  

To make the house represent both of us, I need to bring my husband into the process, but first, I need to identify his decorating personality.  Here are a few possibilities for your husband's decorating personality.

1. Mr. Couch Potato - He doesn't care what is in the house as long as he has a good tv and a comfy chair.  Please be aware, if you try to change his chair out for something more "visually appealing," you are in for World War 3.

2.  Mr. Ninja - He doesn't seem to care about the house, but hits you with a surprise attack in the middle of the furniture store when he demands, "The couch must have cup holders!"

3.  Mr. Bear - He doesn't mind what you do to the house.  Leopard print pillows? Sure! Pink ruffled curtains? Why not!?! You can do whatever you want as long as you designate a spot to be his Man Cave.

4. Mr. Monday Morning Quarterback - He will not say a word as you pick out all the pieces and work on a room, but as soon as you place the last piece he will let you know everything he doesn't like about the room.  

5. Mr. Puppet - He will let you do whatever you want to the house, as long as he thinks it was his idea.  Through subtle hints,  subliminal messaging, and the occasional HGTV show, you can pull his strings, and he will be saying things like, "You know what this room needs? Horizontal Stripes!

6. Mr. Drama King - He wants to have input on every single minuscule decision.  He's also a great debater, and that's why you end up in the middle of Pier 1 arguing over the color of the table runner.

7. Mr. Incredible - He trusts your judgement, but he would love to be brought into the process.

When we first were married, Shad was a Mr. Drama King, and we really did end up in the middle of a Pier One arguing over a table runner.  However, now he is definitely a Mr. Incredible.  When he saw how important the house was to me, and he realized our house wasn't going to end up completely pink, he let me make more decisions.  Ironically, I now see that he has a good eye, and I want to go to him for input.  In fact, the other night as I worked at my tutoring job, Shad found some pillows at Goodwill.

As he showed them to me, he said, "I thought these pillows would make a good base pillow, and then you could bring in accent pillows for your pop of color in the room."

As soon as I picked my jaw up off the floor, I said, "Yes, that is exactly right." I guess all those episodes of the Nate Berkus show that I used to make him watch on his lunch break are finally paying off!


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