Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days {Day 3} Scents

Scents are very powerful, and can instantly bring back a memory or place.  The smell of Clinique's Happy cologne takes me back to the first days of dating Shad.  One whiff of lavender baby lotion, gets me all teary for my sweet wittle bitty newborns.

One of the first baby steps I took on my journey to love my home was to buy a nice smelling candle for my house.  It seems so simple, but it was something I just did not do before that time.

My goal is to engage all of my senses in my house.  It takes a lot of work to engage the sense of sight and make my house look nice, but I can engage my sense of smell by simply lighting a candle or burning some scented wax.

The scents I choose change with the seasons.

Fall - Anything Pumpkin

Winter - Anything Cinnamon

Spring - Light Florals

Summer - Pineapple

Right now, I have a pumpkin candle burning and a cinnamon sugared donut candle.  Can you guess which one Shad picked out?

You got it.  He loves this donut candle, but the smell of it just makes me want to eat.

The sense of smell is the easiest sense to engage.  Making your house smell good is a simple baby step, but it makes a big difference.

While you are baby steppin', why don't you play some music and engage your sense of hearing.  It's a rainy day where I am, and a rainy day calls for Frank Sinatra! Even before you house looks good, it can smell and sound great.


  1. I LOVE the good smells in my home!  im waiting for the buy two for $20 candle sale at Bath and Body Works now!! I somehow missed the last one and think (hope) it might re-appear this weekend for Colombus Day!

  2. Calculating BlessingsOctober 3, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    The 2 for $20 sale was a few weeks ago.  I know because that's when I got those candles.  Then I used a 20% off coupon and got them for $16.  I love a good deal!