Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days {Day 25} Focus

During 31 Days to Love Your Home, we have talked about failure and fear.  To love your home you need to know that you are going to face failure and overcome your fears, and sometimes you have to change your focus.

Let me explain.  There are a few things I do not necessarily "love" about my home.  To be honest, I strongly dislike them (Momma said, "Never say hate").

My kitchen ceiling is so low, I can touch the ceiling....flat footed!

While we are on the subject of my kitchen, look what everyone gets to see when they walk in the washer and the dryer that has no door handle so I have to use a knife to pry it open. (insert "You might be a redneck" joke here)

I'm sure you've noticed in many of my pictures during 31 Days, our green carpet. Radioactive Green Carpet!  The color makes it very difficult to find Collin's alligator.

This is my lovely dining room that I have been working on so hard.   I had to wait for the right time of day to take this picture.

Do you see it? Who says, "You know what this ceiling needs....glitter!"

These are all things that I, as a renter, can not change.  Yes, there are parts of my house that are not so appealing, but if I focus on those parts all the time, I would hate....I mean strongly dislike my house.

As hard as it is with the glowing green carpet below my feet and the sparkling ceiling above my head, I have to choose to change my focus.  To love my home, I need to accept the things I cannot change, and shift my focus to all the things that I do love, all the windows with thick molding, the old door knobs, and the amazing view.

I could sit down and give up because the green carpet is going to throw off anything I do, but I  ReFuSe to use those things as an excuse not to try.  Choosing to shift my focus to the positives helps me to love my home more.

Even the things I don't like have their positives. Having the washer and dryer in the kitchen makes sure I never forget a load in the washer.  The radioactive green carpet is better than light carpet with two little boys running around.  The glitter ceiling.....uh...sorry...I got nothing for that one.



  1. Just a thought... Could you stick something to the front of the dryer so you could open and close it without using a knife? I once used a 3M command hook to add a handle to a door that didn't have one and it worked pretty well. 

  2. Calculating BlessingsOctober 25, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    Kelley, sometimes there are days when I love blogging.  That is so simple, logical, and  a "Why did I not think of that" moment. I will get one this weekend!