Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days - {Day 31} - Reaching a Goal

Note: I am having to switch today's post with tomorrow's post because I can't upload any new pictures because my internet is so slow thanks to Hurricane Sandy. BUT we have PoWeR! So I'm not complaining. 

We have made it through 31 Days to love your home! We have gotten inspiration, found resources, painted, and even organized! We have also talked about fear, failure, and focus.

If your goal is to have a pretty, decorated, and organized home, I hate to tell you, but you are never done. Even when you "finish" a room, you are always tweaking and making things look right.  By the time you decorate your entire house....it's all gone out of style!  If your goal is just a pretty house, you will never be satisfied because there will always be work to do. 

If your goal is to love your home, that is a goal you can reach.  You don't know when or how it will happen, but someday you will know you love your home. 

For me, I'm not even close to done decorating my home.  I'm only beginning.

A few months ago, I reached in my fridge and grabbed some leftovers, and placed them on the rustic table we have in our kitchen. 

As I made my plate, suddenly I thought, "I love my home."  Even though I was surrounded by the dark cabinets, the messed up counter top, and the paneled walls, I knew I loved my home. 

In that moment, I clearly remembered the moment of my meltdown and the "This doesn't feel like home" feeling.  It sounds simple and silly, but in that moment I started to cry again, but this time I cried happy tears.  My home no longer reflects someone that is only surviving, but someone who is  growing and trying.  It's taken some time, but I'm so happy to say "Now, this feels like home!" 

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