Friday, August 16, 2013

Blessing #208 - Clip Board Art Display

Yesterday, I shared the menu board that stayed on my kitchen wall for a grand total of two days.

Once I took the menu board down, I decided to make that a wall display for Brandon and Collin's art work.

Before B went to kindergarten, he never drew or colored anything.  He hated coloring with a passion.

Once before kindergarten, he colored me an awesome super hero picture out of the blue. Proudly, I placed his super hero masterpiece on the fridge. The next day, I asked him for another beautiful picture.  He handed me a picture of the Incredible Hawk scribbled all in red.  I asked him why he just scribbled and didn't color the Hulk.  "Oh! He was on fire." I just love being outsmarted by a six year old. After kindergarten started, B fell in love with drawing, and I love his creative side.

B's masterpieces need a better display than just our refrigerator....besides, I hate having stuff on my refrigerator.  For the art display, I started with a few clip boards.

Theeeeen, if you know me, you know what happened next. I painted them with chalkboard paint. I know. Shocker.

I hung them on the wall with some scotch picture hanging strips, and I loved the clean look.

At the top of the display, I put B's family portrait. I love how the chalkboard clip board lets me write the titles of B's drawings.

I also put up B's drawing of the bridge in our town.

And we couldn't forget to include one of Collin's masterpieces. Much to my dismay, Collin's favorite medium is the sharpie.

I also included a free printable I found at this website.  Last week, Walgreen's offered a free 8x10.  I love it when they do that because I always print out one of the printables from my free printables Pinterest board. 

The menu board was nice, but this art display is perfect for our family.

Ten points if you can find one of my favorite things that showed up in this picture.

  B loves that some of his art is on the walls.  It makes him see how much I value his creativity.  I can't wait to see the new master pieces he is going to make for me this year.

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