Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blessing #212 - Apron Display

A few weeks ago, I made some big progress on my kitchen! First I put up the clipboard kids art display, and then I dressed up my kitchen shelf.  The last project I did in my kitchen is so simple, but I it's probably my favorite!

When I'm out yard salin' and antiquin', I always look for vintage aprons. I really wish that wearing aprons out in public would come in fashion! I think I could pull it off! Rachel did in Friends! Of course, she was working in a coffee shop, but she wore the half apron well.

I just love how aprons make housework cuter. Last year, I even wore an apron to my favorite things party because they are one of my favorite things.  If you like aprons like I do,  I heart nap time has a great free printable of a fun quote, "Life is a kitchen put your best apron on and whip up something incredible!" You can find it here. 

When I updated my bathroom, I used this cute hanger from Hobby Lobby, but towels ended up being too heavy for this hanger and it kept falling.

One day, I realized that the failed towel hanger would make a perfect apron display.  One quick coat of paint later and I have a great spot to display aprons and vintage kitchen towels.

It's so simple and so fantastic! They bring a fun pop of color to this corner of the kitchen, and now I have a reason to get more aprons!

One of the biggest lessons I've learned fixing up my house is to put meaning on my walls.  There are so many more options for walls than just pictures.  Find something you love, and find a way to get it on the wall!

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