Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blessing #152 - Favorite Things Party

A few weeks ago, I threw a Favorite Things party at my house.  You can do it different ways, but the basic idea is for guests to bring their favorite dish and to pick one of their favorite things.  They then bring three of that favorite thing.  For example, my favorite things was pins so I brought three pins to the party to give away.

At the end of the party, I had three new favorite things from three other people. I love all of them!

Let me just say, the Victoria's Secret bag did not come from the bath and body part of Victoria's Secret.

All the guests wrote their names three times and placed it in a bucket.  After you shared your favorite thing, you drew three names and gave your favorite things to the names drawn.  The last name drawn is the next person to share their favorite thing.  This system is a little flawed because one guest did not have her name drawn until the very end! I guess you need three buckets to make it work.  Confused? If you want to throw a party just google it.  Maybe someone else can explain it better.

For the decorations, I used brown paper package brown and pink as my colors.  I never get to use pink in my house so I went for it.  I reused my lazy girl paper flowers, and I painted an old window that I had pink.  I then put the lyrics to Favorite Things on the panels.

The bags on the table were brown paper packages tied up with string for all the guests to take their favorite things home.

At the end of the party, I gave the window away as a prize.

For a small sit down game, we used the handout used in this blog post from life in general.  It was a great way to share many of our favorite things.

Being a bad blogger, I didn't take any pictures during the party, but my friend snapped this picture of all the food.

Speaking of food, a big hit at the party was the to go station. Again, I didn't take a picture, but I set out some paper plates and wrap so that everyone could take a to go plate of all the goodies.

After working in this house for a year, I loved having friends over to see all the painting and work we've done.  However, to keep it honest, I placed this sign on the stairs.

Honesty is the best policy, and I don't want to put up a front that my house is perfect.  That day, the upstairs was destroyed.

The entire party was so much fun.  We laughed really hard, and just had a great time together.  This Christmas if you want to do something different for your party, try a favorite things party.

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  1. Now I'm upset. This sounds like a fantastic party. I wish I had come. Can't remember why I didn't now. I think we probably had another fuction. Next time please invite me. I will be there!!