Monday, November 26, 2012

Blessing #151 - My Mom's Superheroness

For as long as I can remember, my mom has had a super hero quality about her. It wasn't just that she worked full time, fed us,took care of the people in the church, and still managed to make me feel loved. It was that she really had a little bit of super hero in her. 

When I was about seven, I choked on a gumdrop. Being one who has always handled crisis well, I decided the best way to alert everyone I was choking was to run circles through our living room and kitchen. 

Did I hold my throat? No. Did I try to get anyone's attention? Nope. I just ran circles. My mom with her spidey senses looked at me and said, "I think she's choking!" After she caught me, she gave me the Heimlich and saved my live.

One day as we were driving to school, my mom took a normal turn  on our normal route only to find an out of control transfer truck barreling down the road right for us. The trucks brakes had failed and he moved into our lane to avoid a school bus. Like a seasoned race car driver, my mom swerved to miss the truck, but she made sure not to swerve too  much because there was a steep bank on our right. Somehow, she managed to do this all with one arm. Why did she only have one arm? She used her other arm as my second seat belt.

One of my clearest, earliest memories happened as my mom, my brother, and I were coming home from church.  I may mess up some of the details, but I'm sure my brother will clarify in the comments.  From what I remember, my brother somehow got his seat belt stuck in the door and that somehow opened the door.  The picture that was emblazoned in my memory is my brother hanging out as the car door was open, and my mom holding onto him with one arm, and driving with the other arm.  That's the moment I knew my mom was a superhero.

Apparently, superheroness is not genetic because I have slow reflexes. When I spill a drink, I usually stand there for ten seconds before my brain seems to process, "you have spilled a drink."However, I had an incident in Joanne's the other day that has me wondering.

Because he wants to be a big boy like Brandon, Collin absolutely hates the appearance of anything "baby."  Strollers? He is strapped in kicking and screaming. High chairs? Not a chance. Getting him into the front seat of a store buggy is like wrestling s bear.... a very loud bear. 

One day in Joanne's I was really tired  so I just let Collin ride in the buggy and not strapped in the seat part. As we were checking out, my happy little helper was placing items on the check out. In an instant, Collin reached a little too far, and fell out of the buggy... HEAD FIRST! 

Everyone collectively gasped, and when I realized what was going on there I was holding my two year old upside down an inch above the ground by one belt loop. I really don't know how I did it, but I caught him with one finger by one belt loop.

Once my heart started beating again, I looked at all the other women there and calmly said, "I caught him." One woman said, "Way to go Momma!" Sure, i was so stunned he was still hanging upside down ten seconds later, but I caught him. Collin was so stunned he couldn't even cry. I think he was just thinking,"What just happened?" Nah. Knowing Collin he was thinking, " Hey y'all there's still stuff in the buggy that needs to go on the checkout counter!" 

When it all calmed down, I thanked the Lord for protecting my little guy, and then I thought maybe I have a little of my mom's superheroness in me after all.

Note:  Happy birthday Mom! Hope you like this post, and don't worry ever since the Joaane's incident that screaming bear gets strapped in the seat of the buggy extra tight.

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