Friday, November 2, 2012

Blessing #144 - Turtleman and Turtle

This year for Halloween, B and Collin went as Turtleman and a Turtle.  (If you don't know who Turtleman is I've blogged about him here.)

A few months ago, B found the hat a Goodwill, and we put together the rest of the outfit from things he already had.

I searched for Collin's turtle costume online, but I was shocked when I found the perfect costume at a yard sale for just $3.  The costume originally was a Franklin costume with a hood, but Collin hated the hood.  I didn't want Collin to refuse to wear the costume so I cut the hood off.

There is something disturbing about that.

Here are a few cute pics I got of them in their costumes.

I can't take it! Those pictures just melt my heart, but then I decided to make a quick collage of all their Halloweens, and now I'm just a puddle of mommy mush.

Collin was born just four days after Halloween so he was a little late for his first Halloween.

Brandon's seven Halloween's. I can't take the cuteness.


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  1. That warthog story is hysterical! I love it. And what a fun idea for costumes. Looks like they were really in character. The Franklin head is a little creepy...I probably wouldn't have wanted to wear it either ;o)