Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blessing #146 - Collin's Birthday Adventure

Saturday, we celebrated Collin's birthday with his birthday adventure. I'm not very big on birthday parties.  There is nothing wrong with a birthday party, I have a friend that is the kids birthday party queen.  She throws fantastic birthday parties.  For me though, a birthday adventure is my cup of tea. 

When I started thinking about what to do for a two year old's birthday adventure, I went blank, but then one day it hit me.  Slides! Colli loves slides.  For his birthday adventure, we decided to see how many slides Colli could conquer in one day. 

We spent all Saturday morning running around town looking for playgrounds.  In the end, Colli conquered 25 slides.  We could have gotten him on more slides, but it was in the 40s and freezing....at least to this warm blooded Georgia girl.  

Here is a picture of Colli on all the slides.   

  This picture is my favorite.  It's just too cute.

"Who put the speed bumps on my slide?"
Our entire family tried to make the day fun for our little guy, and I think he had a great day.  I really want my boys to see the fun in the every day.  Like they say in Up, "Adventure is out there."    Even sliding down slides can be an adventure.

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