Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blessing #148 - Shad's Birthday Adventure

Yesterday, I shared Shad's birthday week, and today is all about his birthday adventure.  One year for his birthday adventure, we explored Philadelphia, and another year we tried to see how many Goodwills we could go to in one day.  This year Shad's birthday adventure was at the gun range.

A few months before his birthday, Shad was talking with our friends that love guns and mentioned how much he would love to go shooting. When his birthday rolled around, I contacted our friends and set up a day when we could go.  I was surprised how excited Shad was about this adventure.  I just did not realize he liked to shoot guns.  Ten years together, and he still surprises me.

When the big birthday adventure day came, Shad did great! He was a great shot.

Our friends we seasoned pros, and even had a competition against each other.

All in all, it was a great day, and I'm so glad Shad had so much fun.......


How did I do?

Oh.  You know. I hit the target my first two shots, and then after that I missed...every time.

In fact, I twitched every time right before I shot the gun, and I leaned back every time I shot.  Our friend tried to help me stand up straight when I shot.

All my life, I have been afraid of guns.  In fact, before this day, I had never shot a real gun.  My mother has told me horror stories of people cleaning guns and they accidentally went off, and that absolutely terrified me of them.  Strangely, my brother who had the same mother collects guns, and always has one on him. Maybe it's not my mom's fault....nah! I'm blaming it on my mom.

Did I overcome my fear of guns in this one trip to the gun range? No, but I would love to try it again.  Especially now that I know how much this guy loves it.

Birthday Adventures 2012


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  1. Would have loved to see you holding a gun gangsta style.