Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blessing #153 - Mrs. Potter's House

While I was visiting my family in Georgia last week, I got to do something really cool! Remember when I went home and returned inspired to make a bottle bush? This visit, I asked the lady that inspired the bottle bush if I could tour her home and take pictures. For our purposes today, we will call her, Mrs. Potter's House because that's the name of her favorite thrift store.  

When I was a teenager, I was always amazed at Mrs. Potter's House's amazing decorations.  She was the first person that I ever saw decorate with re purposed items.  

Last week, Mrs. Potter's House took me through her whole house, and told me all the stories behind her collections and decorations.  It is one of the coolest experiences.  I'm so glad I did it. 

Here are a few things I took away from my visit with Mrs. Potter's House.  

1. {Collections}

Mrs. Potter's House loves federal mirrors.  I've seen these before, and the never really appealed to me, but when you see them grouped together they are very impressive and beautiful.  Mrs. Potter's House was inspired by a memory of a federal mirror in a relatives house to start collecting these.

Just like my pyrex collection, many of Mrs. Potter's House's collections are linked to a childhood memory.

Because her father was a boot legger, Mrs. Potter's House collects moon shine stills and finds beautiful ways to display them.

Wait! Before I go any further.  Look at this indoor bottle tree she made.  The tree was originally a picture holder, but I like it much better as a bottle tree.  Do you see Shad in the mirror?

Mrs. Potter's House collects scales and uses them as displays around her house.  This was my favorite.

Because of the time of day, I couldn't get the best shot of her green glass collection, but it was stunning with the sun shining through it.

2. {Family Pieces}

Mrs. Potter's House used new and old family pieces all around her house.  From her dining room table decked out in it's Thanksgiving best made by her son.

To family pottery used as a vase.

This old pew from our church has a new life with a black coat of paint.  As soon as I saw the original red cushion, I was taken back to picking at the buttons as my dad preached.

By the way, Mrs. Potter's House made all those pillows which brings me to my next point.

3. {Keep Learning}

Mrs. Potter's House is a great quilter.  This quilt was my favorite in her house.  This quilt was a competition quilt, the ugly fabric quilt.  Participants were given thirteen ugly fabric and asked to make something out of them.  Mrs. Potter's House came up with this.

Mrs. Potter's House even took a whittling class, and whittled this Santa for her Santa collection. She said her hand wasn't quite strong enough for this hobby, but she enjoyed it.

Mrs. Potter's House said that she also took a cake decorating class so that she could make her kids cakes.  She said that class made her realize that cake decorating was hard and she has bought cakes ever since.

4. {If you like it....make it}

When Mrs. Potter's House saw this painting in a magazine, she was in love.  However, when she found out the price, she was shocked! She determined to try to paint it herself from looking at the picture.  I love her version!

Mr. Potter's House is talented too! One year for Christmas, Mrs. Potter's House wanted a piece of furniture, but they could not afford it.  She asked Mr. Potter's House if he could make a copy of it, and he did!

5. {When you make something....put a label on it}

Mrs. Potter's House had so many things in her home that she made herself.  In all of those things, she finds a way to label that she made the item.  On this blanket, she not only labeled that she made it, but she also made sure to include that it took her two years to make it.

She made this step stool many years ago for her kids.   She says she really wishes she would have signed it.  It's so simple, but that was a big lesson for me.  Sign and label the things that I make!

6. {Cross stitch can be pretty!}

I like embroidery, but I have never been a big cross stitch fan....until I saw this in her house.

I fell in LoOoOoOoVe with this cross stitch.  I came home and searched for it on ebay! I want a copy of this with the bright colors in my kitchen!  I haven't found the right one yet, but I'm looking.  I'm patient!

7. {There is beauty in everything}

When I passed by this table, I had to stop and take a second look.

I noticed they were stamps, but I noticed the stamps had postmarks on them.

Mrs. Potter's House said that when she gets a letter, she saves the stamp off of them, soaks them off, and then puts them on wooden eggs.

What!?! Are you kidding me? Who would see the beauty in a stamp.....Mrs. Potter's House! And she made this before Pinterest!

I absolutely loved going through Mrs. Potter's House's house.  I felt so honored to hear all the stories that go with all the pieces in her house.  I'm so thankful she opened up her doors to me.  I absolutely had the best time. Years after I first saw her house, and her style still inspires me!

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