Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Fall Festive

In the past, I have blogged about a few of my outfits.  Even though I am home most of the day,  I love to look nice.    I love this blog post by Abby Leigh, she says...

"Dress for the day you want to have...not the one that's trying to have you."

Yes! Dressing nicely brightens my day, and I want to look nice for myself! For the next several weeks, I will be jumping in on What I Wore Wednesday.  I don't know how long I will do this, but for now, I love it.

Plus, I've been 90% thrift for a year now, and love to show off my Goodwill outfits.

Lately, I've been feeling a little festive.  For Halloween, Brandon's school had a parade so I decided to go all out and wear black and orange.

Originally, I just planned on wearing tights, but it was so cold I wore jeggings too.  Collin, being the expert photo bomber he is, had to show off his costume too.

Yesterday, on election day, I was feeling festive again, and had to wear my red, white, and blue.  I know I could vote early, but I love the festiveness of election day. I'm a dork like that.  

Sorry for the wrinkly skirt mom.  I originally had on jeans, but I liked it better with the skirt.  I'm also sporting the best election day accessory, the "I Voted" sticker.

I'll be sharing this post with The Pleated Poppy and Dear Abby Leigh.


  1. super cute steph! thanks for linking up with us. I really love the heavy belt over the polka dots!

  2. I like your red sweater! Perfect for election day! :)

  3. I love it!  And I am jealous how you are "90% thrifted."  Looking fantastic.

    Stopping by from the link up!  Happy Wednesday!




  4. My dearest friend Stephanie. Now that we went through, what seemed like 100 days of wonderful home improvement posts and Halloween posts and Collin's birthday post and now fashion posts, don't get me wrong, ALL OF WHICH I LOVE, are you planning on posting about Shad's birthday adventure? I'm dying to know your inner thoughts written in your wonderful quirky style about shooting a gun for the first time. PLEASE!!!! Love, your ever faithful reader, Sheena P.S. I have the pictures I took still in my phone if you'd like to add them.

  5. Check it out,